How Do I Make Calorie Counting Easy?

How Do I Make

Calorie Counting Easy?

The number of calories people should eat each day depends on several factors, including their age, size, height, sex, lifestyle, and overall general health. A physically active 6ft 2in male, aged 22 years, requires considerably more calories than a 5ft 2ins sedentary woman in her 70s.

If you’re healthy and you exercise moderately two or three days a week, you can figure out your calorie intake by multiplying your ideal body weight (IBW) by 14.

In this video I am going show you 6 ways to make calorie counting easy and stress free.

Recently Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley revealed how at her heaviest she demolished up to an astonishing 28,000 calories a day.

That’s the equivalent of two large slices of chocolate cake, a 10oz sirloin steak in butter sauce with chips, 12 fizzy drinks, nine coffees with full-fat milk, salad with creamy dressing, six cups of pasta, pasta sauce and butter, a glass of red wine and a hot chocolate to finish.

Kirstie’s eating binges meant that she ballooned to 15st at her heaviest. But in a battle to beat the bulge she shed 7st and posed in a bikini on the Oprah show to show off her new figure.

Kirstie now eats healthily – around 1,500-2,000 calories a day, and fronts a slimming advertisement in the U.S., but what about the other celebrities?

RENEE ZELLWEGER: for both Bridget Jones films Renee consumed 4,780 calories a day for three months, eating 20 doughnuts a day, battered beef, fast-food burgers, chips and shakes as well as pizza and peanut butter.

After the first film, she embarked on the Atkins diet. Now the 5ft 5in star maintains her 7st figure on tuna, cold meats, dressing-free salads and raw vegetables.

  • Two poached eggs: 148 cal.
  • One banana: 95 cal.
  • One tuna steak: 180cal.
  • Two portions dressing-free mixed salad: 100 cal.
  • 100g cured thinly sliced beef: 160 cal.
  • One portion raw vegetables: 90 cal.

Total: 773 CAL.


In the past, Liz has admitted to ‘eating very little breakfast, not too much more lunch. Then tiny little snacks in the day, such as a banana or six raisins. The only meal I have is dinner’.

Dinner consisted of a combination of brown rice, oatcakes and steamed fish. She also takes regular pilates classes which burn around 300 calories per session.

  • One banana: 95 cal.
  • Six raisins: 10 cal.
  • One 100g serving brown rice: 111 cal.
  • One oatcake: 48 cal.
  • One portion steamed cod: 90 cal.
  • One portion steamed haddock: 95 cal.

Total: 449 cal.

I believe, if you take anything from these examples it would be that the amount of calories you consume on a daily basis has a direct influence on your size.

So let’s take the difficulty out of calorie counting.

Here are 6 tips that will make your calorie counting an easy and stress free process you can enjoy.

1. Keep a Food Journal  Start writing down every food you eat for a week. Check out the calorie content on the side of the package and keep track of what you eat, since the start of calorie counting is awareness. A great alternative for those tech-fans is an online calorie tracker or an application on your smart phone. Most sites will count your calorie intake when you simply type in the food and quantity that you ate.  Even if you are writing the calories by hand, utilizing an online calorie counter will make your life easy.

2. Practice Portion Control  Teach yourself about portion sizes by using the serving utensils that you would normally use to fill measuring cups that equal the serving sizes that you need. Once you know how many calories are in, say, cereal, you’ll be able to eyeball your intake by knowing how full your cereal bowl should be. That way, you aren’t bringing out the measuring cups at every meal. It would be pretty embarrassing to bust out your 1-cup on a dinner date!

3.   Soda If you are a soda lover or drink a lot of juice, you are adding empty calories to your diet on a regular basis.Take a look at how many calories are in what you are drinking. If you have four cans of soda per day, you can eliminate more than 500 calories just by substituting water.

4. Learn the calorie count of your favorite foods Think of your favorite foods- healthy, unhealthy, doesn’t matter- just your favorite foods. Take ten of them and look up their calorie counts. Don’t bother memorizing anything, just get a general idea of which foods have the most and which have the least. Also, take into consideration what a serving size is. For example, if you love mashed potatoes and gravy, there’s a pretty good chance that the portion you normally have is more than one serving size. Measure a few foods out, so that you have a visual on how that particular food, it’s portion size and the number of calories correspond to each other.

5. Be aware of hidden calories Hidden calories are diet-killers. Be very careful to check the calorie count on prepared foods. Sometimes you’ll think that because a dish is loaded with vegetables it’s low-cal, but then you find out it has so many “hidden calories” that it’s really not low-cal at all. The same thing goes for salads and drinks. Drinks are probably the worst place for hidden calories. Be very mindful of the calorie counts in fancy coffee drinks, alcoholic drinks, and smoothies.

6.  Know how many calories exercise burns For a 150 pound person, walking at a slow pace burns 171 calories an hour. Keep in mind that a 16 ounce Coke has 200 calories, so if you go to the mall and walk for an hour then have a coke, you’ve actually consumed more calories than you’ve burned. (Better to bring a water with you.) A few more examples of calorie burning: an hour of dancing burns 475 calories, an hour of Tai Chi burns 269 calories, and two hours of golf (carrying clubs) burns 755 calories. You know what kind of exercise you enjoy, so get a rough idea of how many calories participating in those activities burns.

Understanding your calorie intake and what effect it will have on your body is important. Though in the same instance it is not something that should lead you overwhelm and stress. It is very easy to incorporate in to your weight loss program.

Both Shane and I highly recommend using a program that takes care of a lot of the calorie counting for you.  We are committed to your success and if you are looking for this type of program contact us through our website.

We hope you can take some of this advice and incorporate into your day. If you are looking for a program where you can easily incorporate the occasional cheat day and still reach your goals of better health and weight loss, many of our clients have had amazing results using our Cleanse & Fat Burn system. They were able to fit it into their lifestyle and shed that stubborn weight, gain the energy and health they wanted all while NOT depriving themselves.  Both Shane and I are committed to your success, if you have any personal questions you can ask them via our contact us page.


“…focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”   Greg Anderson

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