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Isagenix Sport Athlete Pack

Whether you’re an athlete, a growing teen or an active individual – the Isagenix Sports Athletes Pack is the perfect program. With a combination of nutritional cleansing products, your body will receive the essential nutrients it needs to generate natural energy, increase stamina and step-up your performance. The unique nutrient profile of Isagenix products supports the body’s immune function, which is crucial for intensely-training athletes.

The Athletes Pak delivers an array of nutrients that result in an increase in your energy levels, may help satisfy your hunger and food cravings and allow your body to perform at its peak.

The Isagenix Sport Health Pack includes :

  • Step by Step Guide
  • Isalean Shake – 2 canisters
  • Cleanse for life – 1 bottle
  • Ionix Supreme – 1 bottle
  • Antioxidants – 1 bottle
  • IsaPro – 1 canister
  • Want more energy – 12 sticks
  • Cleanse & Rejuvinate audio CD

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Individual Product Information


This complete meal replacement contains 24 grams of the highest quality New Zealand whey and casein protein from grass-fed cows with no added hormones or antibiotics, as well as filling fibre, calcium and vitamins to support your body’s vital functions. Active enzymes in each serving helps maximise the absorption of key nutrients.

IsaLean Shakes are an important part of your Isagenix Cleansing Program and may help you slim down, while preserving and building lean muscle mass. Available in either Chocolate or Vanilla flavour.




Nutritional Cleansing unlocks the miracle of the human body. This fundamental cleansing formula with superior-quality Aloe vera juice, cleansing herbal teas, lipotropic nutrients and alfalfa juice concentrate can help your body to naturally release harmful impurities that can slow down your metabolism. Cleanse for Life is an integral part of your Isagenix program. Key benefits include nutritional support for a healthy digestive function and nutritional support for a healthy cardiovascular function.




Nature’s Answer. Isagenix Ionix Supreme is a dietary supplement that provides nutritional support during exercise. The drink contains many of our planet’s finest natural ingredients to provide nutritional support for your body’s energy, stamina and health. Ionix serves as a foundation for good nutrition, and includes powerful adaptogens to help support your body’s energy, stamina and health.



The Superior Natural Energy Drink. Want More Energy?™ is a refreshing, natural energy drink loaded with a premium blend of A, B and C vitamins and minerals. It infuses your body with essential nutrients that can be lost due to stress and exercise and it boosts energy naturally with no “sugar crashes”. Caffeine free, and only 147 kJ (35 calories), plus low in sugar.




Two scoops of IsaPro™ Whey Protein may provide the protein you need to support lean body mass and satisfy hunger. On pre and post cleanse days add one scoop of IsaPro™ to your IsaLean™ Shake to boost the nutritional content and help curb cravings long-term. Supplemental protein may help you get past stubborn weight plateaus. IsaPro™ is also ideal for athletes who want to build lean body mass. Our quality Whey Protein powder contains active enzymes that assist with nutrient absorption while promoting the development of lean muscle mass without adding too many calories. Our trace mineral blend boosts nutrient content, and is also hormone and antibiotic free. 30-day supply.




Decrease the stress on your body. No one can completely stop ageing, but you can fight age-related conditions with antioxidants. They fight free radicals, which can damage body systems and create illness. Isagenix Antioxidants are a blend of the finest nutrients. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply. Key benefits include reduced sick days, increased wellness days and provides a strong foundation for health.

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Isagenix Cleanse Coaching

We offer Complimentary Nutritional Cleanse Coaching on the following packs

Simply put, we will assist you in any way we can to get you maximum results from your Programs. Visit the Contact Us page and drop us a line if you wish to be coached, and we can arrange your first Cleanse Coaching session. We can do this via email, phone or if possible in person.

Liz & Shane


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Order the Isagenix Sports Athlete Pack

Isagenix is available in several countries. You can place an order either via the internet or by phone. There are 2 simple ways to purchase Isagenix. Firstly there is Retail, where you purchase the products and programs at low retail prices.

Secondly, save money and open an account as a Preferred Member or Associate, and buy Isagenix Cleansing Programs at wholesale prices. Once you have opened an account you will also have the opportunity to choose to have an autoship. This means you can have your products delivered to your door every month automatically, entitling you to further discount and the lowest prices.

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If you would like have more information, or to place an Isagenix Cleanse Program order over the phone please call the Toll Free numbers below. When placing an order via phone please quote the following details:

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Or alternatively contact me via email

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